Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tulips, Family, mmmmm!

The very favorite flower of my sisters Lori and Tara (purple), and my daughters Randi and Heidi (yellow) are tulips! Colorful, beautiful tulips. So when we were in Utah in April, Lori invited us to join her family and her

great friend Nancy at a tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point.
The flowers were gorgeous, and the acres of grounds of streams, waterfalls, and a Koi pond, were so beautiful and a fun time to spend.

Brendon and Stephanie entertained us with a "race to the top" of the stairs. Go Steph! We did hit Cabela's "sporting goods heaven" for the guys first.
It was a bit chilly and windy,
but so very worth it. We loved watching Will and
his antics playing in the water,
Love this boy!
and they had the coolest "Secret Garden".

Wonderful day of family, friends, and the Lord's beauty. So enjoyed!

Hues of heaven brightly shone,

Gift from Creators, graciously grown.

Sweet glimpse of heaven to please the eye,

Blankets glorious under blue sky.

Lord, we thank thee for such grace,

Simple majesty given to our daily place.


Grammy Staffy said...

We have never stopped at Thanksgiving Point even though we have driven by many times. As we drove by on our way home yesterday I told John that I wanted to stop there sometime. Now that I see your beautiful pictures, I wish that I'd been more insistant.

It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. We just got back a few hours ago. I am always sad to leave but it is also good to be back home. Now I have to start unpacking...URGGGG

SHIRLEY'S said...

beautiful tulips! thanks for sharing mom! I love them all!

Have you found your memeory cards?

Aaron and Caroline Haring said...

Geez, you get to go to some beautiful places. It seems you can always do as many "girly" things as you want as long as the boys get a trip to Cabella's or Bass Pro Shops. Good thinkin'.

Pitt-Meisingers said...

What a cute boy that little 4 year old is!! And the flowers are pretty too! :) Thanks for taking pictures of my kid... at least we will know where to go when he wants to see pictures of himself growing up! Or... I could get a camera... hmmmm...

Lauri said...

I'm going to Utah this weekend...maybe I should stop there! Of course, the tulips probably arent there anymore.

Em said...

WHAT A BLAST! I love flowers :)

Shalece said...

The tulips are gorgeous, one of my my favorites too :) Thanks for the comments on our blog, i love them!! Especially coming from one of my all time favorite young women leaders and examples. :) I see Heidi's blog sometimes too and your grandson is adorable. (Lilia loves books too...!! I should have put that on the last post too..! (maybe I'll add it)

sharon kaye said...

Tulips are one of those flowers that look so beautiful that they look like they're not real. I love them!

The Webbs said...

I am in love with Tulips, my absolute favorite! I'm gonna have to hit that up one of these years!

Russell, Julie & Sadie Holmes said...

wish we had gone to this... actually there are quite a few things i wish we would have done while in UT, the time goes by & all of a sudden youre gone!

Pedersens said...

I always see Thanksgiving Point while passing through Utah but have never stopped there. It looks BEAUTIFUL! Looks like you guys had a good time.